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The PKP kinesiology education offers great opportunities for multidimensional growth and expansion. It includes various courses, workshops and retreats, as well as one-on-one sessions.

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Both online & face-to-face programs

in 2021-2022

  • Kinesiology online sessions – via Whatsap or Viber.
  • K-Power® online via Zoom & face-to-face kinesiology courses

K-Power® workshops aim to assist us in harmonising our life-energy during challenging times. This is an opportunity for a deeper awareness and healing through the principles of epigenetics, ancient meridian therapy and PKP kinesiology.

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The PKP professional kinesiology training is offered to those who wish to qualify as professional kinesiology practitioners to support themselves and others in their natural healing process.

Two levels of training is offered:

  • PKP Level 1 - certificate in kinesiology
  • PKP Level 2 - diploma in kinesiology

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 Professional Kinesiology Practice - PKP 

All International Certificates and Diplomas are issued by
the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice

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Short Kinesiology Courses

Everyone can enrol

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Other workshops & retreats

Everyone can enrol

How to enroll

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We will be most happy to assist you in your journey to natural health and wellness.

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K-Power® is an international program which include several short kinesiology self-care workshops, now also offered online in many countries. K-Power® training will support you to experience greater health and wellness.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese method for self-healing and self-development.

PaidaLajin is an ancient Chinese practice used for many centuries for self-healing, better strength and higher  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibration.


Self-healing occurs naturally when we relax, ease-up and reconnect to nature, allowing joy, truth and love to be experienced fully.

All therapies, workshops and courses we offer at our center aim at supporting the natural self-healing process.


The content of this website is for informational purpose only.

Our intention is to explore dimensions of the energy model of self-healing by observing, evaluating and balancing the subtle body energies to awaken and optimize our natural innate healing potential.

We do not evaluate, diagnose or treat any ill health conditions, as this is in the scope of the medical profession. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding a particular health issue, please consult a qualified medical physician.

With love and light,

Lazarina van Oostveen

Lily Kamenova

Petio Ilinov

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