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NEW Kinesiology Courses in Johannesburg for 2019
Weekend course - begins in March 2019
Morning course - begins in March 2019

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About Health & Healing

We understand healing to mean moving closer to our natural state of wholeness, and experiencing greater level of joy, peace and satisfaction.

We understand wellness to include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, optimal human relations, and deep, fruitful insight into the nature of being.

We are passionate about sharing with our clients, students and friends some powerful natural healing methods in private sessions, healing workshops and retreats, kinesiology courses and other unique opportunities that we personally have chosen for ourselves in our own journey for self-healing & personal spiritual growth.

Our calling is to support, nurture and guide all who come to us towards greater wellness and self-realisation, by sharing beautiful experiences of joy and fulfillment.

Balanced support

One-on-one sessions & Self-care workshops and classes

Professional kinesiology courses

Level 1
begins on the 9th of March 2019 - read HERE

begins on the 5th of March 2019 - read HERE

Level 2
  • Diploma in Kinesiology - 1-2 years further study after level 1
The first step is to enrol for the Level 1 ICPKP course
and then continue with 1-2 years of further study

Self-care kinesiology courses

everyone can enrol

Self-care retreats, workshops, classes

everyone can enrol

How to enroll

To receive more information and an enrollment form
for the above listed courses and workshops, please send an enquiry to: laika.eft@axxess.co.za

We will be most happy to assist you in your journey to natural health and wellness.

We invite you to read some testimonials by our clients and students
or browse this website and contact us.

From our team - with love and light,

Lazarina van Oostveen

Lily Kamenova

Daniela Ngoato


Holistic healing therapies


Paida Lajin is an ancient practice used for many centuries for self-healing, better strength and vitality on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It’s easy to learn & apply at home by everyone - helps the body to be strong, heal easily and function better.

Epigenetic Healing Cycles is a modern kinesiology self-healing method which aims to empower you to shift your focus from problems to joy, peace & satisfaction. When you feel blocked in any area of your life - health, relationships, work, finances, etc, EHC can support your personal self-healing, rejuvenation and growth.

About self-healing

All healing is self-healing and comes from reconnecting to the Higher Power. In the true reality where all is love and light, we are already healed - whole, healthy and complete.

Self-healing occurs when we relax, ease-up and allow the natural state of wholeness, joy, truth and love to be experienced. Healing and health is naturally experiences when we become aware and recognize the beauty of every moment; Then we experience LIFE!

Self-healing is our innate, natural build-up ability for the body and life to be restored back to health, harmony, wholeness, easiness and balanced rhythm.

All natural healing private therapies and group sessions aim at supporting the natural self-healing process to take place.

Welcome to experience our support and care, and the beauty  of natural self-healing.


The content of this website is for informational purpose only.

Our intention is to explore and share methods for better health, longevity, strength, natural state of wholeness, peace, joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. We offer energy methods of healing and we do not diagnose or treat any ill health conditions.

If you have any question regarding curing illnesses, please consult a qualified medical physician.

Peace  Joy  Satisfaction

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