The difference between allergies and food sensitivity (or other substance sensitivity) is that people who have an allergy to a substance (food, medication or others) experience symptoms immediately when in contact with the allergen. Sometimes the reactions can be life-threatening and require immediate medical assistance.

Intolerance to a substance on the other hand can be hidden and often sufferers may have no idea that they don’t tolerate certain foods, supplements, medication, cosmetics, detergents or other substances they ingest, inhale or have access through skin.

How do we test for substance sensitivity during a kinesiology session? A piece of a substance which may cause sensitivity is held on the side of the cheek or under the tongue while the muscles are undergoing various tests. For example in the case of wheat sensitivity, if the arm is pressed down, the individual allergic to wheat will be unable to hold their arm firm.

The kinesiology approach when addressing allergies and substance sensitivity is very different from any other conventional or holistic approach. In kinesiology we always offer one and the same approach and it is a full energy balance. 

What is interesting here is that after the sensitivity is determined, a full kinesiology balance can help the person to restore the tolerance to the substance instead of having to avoid this substance. This is often possible when the person is sensitive to specific foods – like wheat, gluten, some fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds which can be a very good source of energy.

Every kinesiology session is unique and leads the client one step further to natural health and wellness. It offers awareness of what may be the cause of the symptoms the person experiences. It can be a combination of series of physical and emotional imbalances. All these are addressed and balanced if they show during the course of a kinesiology session.

Support is also offered – like natural supplements and herbs, physical and emotional detox programs, massage and other necessary lifestyle changes (like diet, exercise, rest, priority goal orientation).

The results our clients report are truly amazing.

If you have a suspicion and you have an allergy or if you experience unpleasant symptoms when eating specific foods, call or email us to book a kinesiology session. This may change your life forever!

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