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Diploma class in 2018 - see below

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ICPKP International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice™

The 2-year ICPKP diploma course consists of 16 units and is taught 8 units per year.

The prerequisite to enroll for the ICPKP diploma course is the 12-unit BKP certification course

During this period, the student is encouraged to practice the basic BKP protocol and add new techniques and protocols from the new diploma units.

 The aim is the student to develop professional skills and confidence.

Diploma classes in 2018



Diploma Units in 2018

Unit Name

Dates - Option 2

Saturday 8am – 6pm

Sunday 8am – 12pm




 Saturday full day

and Sunday morning class



MST 202

Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Muscle Protocol

6 Apr Friday 5-9pm

7 Apr Saturday 8am-3pm



MST 203

Hip, Leg, Foot Muscle Protocol

18,19,20 Apr 5-9 pm



EMS 302

Subconscious Self Perception

5 May Saturday 8am-6pm

6 May Sunday 8am-12 pm


MST 302

Touch, Clothes and Environment

 26 May Saturday 8am-6pm

27 May Sunday 8am-12 pm



MST 303

Emotional Anatomy & Intelligence

29 Sept Saturday 8am-6pm

30 Sep Sunday 8am-12 pm



MST 301

Head, Neck and Trunk Muscle Protocol

13 Oct Saturday 8am-6pm

14 Oct Sunday 8am-12 pm



ECO 302

Cleansing & Detoxification

27 Oct Saturday 8am-6pm

28 Oct Sunday 8am-12 pm



JAF 302

Injury, Strain and Inflexibility

24 Nov Saturday 8am-6pm

25 Nov Sunday 8am-12 pm


 Diploma classes in 2019

Dates will be announced in the end of 2018



Diploma Units in 2019

Unit Name


Classes in 2019




MST 201

Muscle & Skin Activation

Dates to be announced



PIB 203

Basic Brain Skills

Dates to be announced



ECO 201

Lifestyle & Dietary Modification

Dates to be announced



ECO 202

Immune Mismatch Responses: Allergies & Sensitivities

Dates to be announced



ECO 301

Adrenal, Geopathic and Life Energy

Dates to be announced



EMS 301

Genetic & Meridian Emotional Release

Dates to be announced



JAF 201

TMJ & Cranials

Dates to be announced



JAF 301

Ligaments and Joints

Dates to be announced




Additional Requirements

(home study & mentoring)




Anatomy & Physiology 2: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pathology




Supervised Student Clinic Experience (50 hours)




Clinical Practice Client Sessions (50 hours)




Personal Kinesiology Sessions (minimum 5)



Payment options for IDPKP part 1 or 2 - 8 classes

* the fees below are only applicable for students who have enroled before February 2018

Students who have enrolled after February 2018 must add 10% to the fees shown below.

The payment for each unit must be completed before the unit is taken.

A discounted fee is offered when paying for all 8 units in advance.

Payment Options for 8 units

Pay per unit

R2000 per unit


Total course fee for 8 units -

R16 000

Payment of R2000 is to be received minimum 3 days before the class starts. A license and a manual cannot be given if full payment (eft or cash) is not received.


10% discount

when paid in advance

for all 8 units


Total discounted course fee for 8 units -

R14 400


The fee is payable on enrolment and before the first class begins

Please contact Laika, if special payment arrangement is needed.

* These fees apply only for the students who have enrolled for the course in February 2018.

10% increase in the course fees is applicable for students who enrol for after February 2018 or in 2019.