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Estimated cost for ICPKP part 3 for 2018-2019


Part 3

Additional requirements

Some students may have already fulfilled some of these during their previous studies




Estimated cost of the additional requirements

*See the notes below

1.     SSC

Supervised Student Clinic experience

50 hours



No additional cost when the student attends all classes.


Additional costs at R450 per hour may apply to catch up missed a class.


2.     CPS

Clinical Practice Client Sessions (mentored)

75 hours
off campus


(some are at additional cost)


A minimum of 2 private mentored sessions with a teacher is required.


Estimated cost R250 per session;

 R500 for 2 sessions



3.     PKS

Personal kinesiology sessions with

a professional ICPKP kinesiologist

minimum 5 sessions


(at additional cost)


Estimated cost +/- R600* per session;


+/- R3000* for 5 sessions


4.     A & P 1

Anatomy & Physiology 1

home study unit

(at additional cost)


Estimated cost +/- R2750*


5.     First Aid

First Aid Level 1 approved by ICPKP

off campus

(at additional cost)


R+/- R750*




Total estimated cost

+/- R7000*

Important notes:

* The student can pay for the first 4 additional requirements upfront on enrolment.  The cost for the first 4 additional requirements is R6250. This cost excludes the First Aid course which is not taught at the college. The personal kinesiology sessions will be offered by the teacher.

* Some students may have already fulfilled some of the requirements – e.g. if Anatomy & Physiology was taken during previous study, or the student already had a few sessions with an experienced ICPKP practitioner. Please enquire with your teacher for RPL (Recognition for Prior Learning) T&C.

* Many of the students choose to pay for the additional fees later in the year, and not on enrolment. At the time the student is ready to pay the additional fees, some of them may be changed – e.g those which depend on exchange rates (Anatomy & Physiology1), or on other organisations (a First Aid course, or personal kinesiology sessions performed by a professional kinesiologist).

* Student will attend a First Aid course outside of the college, and the cost will depend on where and when it is taken. It is recommended this course to be taken when the student has fulfilled most of other requirements and is close to receiving their ICPKP certificate as the First Aid certificate is valid for 3 years only.