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Professional Kinesiology Training

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Suggested Course Path

1.       ICPKP  - International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice  - includes the 12 BKP units, Anatomy & Physiology and Mentored practice & experience

Qualification: Certificated Kinesiologist

Certification: International Certificate of Professional Kinesiology Practice issued by ICPKP

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2.       IDPKP - International Diploma in Professional Kinesiology Practice - includes ICPKP plus 2 more years of study.

Qualification: Professional Kinesiologist

Certification: International Diploma in Professional Kinesiology Practice issued by ICPKP

Benefits of qualifying as a kinesiologist

·   Earn an extra income, or build a full time kinesiology practice

·  Opportunity to work from home, open own clinic and choose your working hours

·  Choose to build a highly rewarding and satisfying career

. An excellent opportunity to earn while you learn. We encourage our students to continue their study with more advanced kinesiology programs while practicing kinesiology at the same time.

Your teacher

Lazarina van Oostveen an accredited faculty member of ICPKP


5 Condon Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg, Gauteng, SA

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email or call 011 781 8211; 072 357 8262

Upcoming Kinesiology Courses

ICPKP  Professional Kinesiology Programs

12-unit  program

International certification ICPKP


Our kinesiology courses are recognised by the following colleges and associations:

International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice - ICPKP  

International Kinesiology College – IKC

Association of Specialised Kinesiologists of South Africa (ASKSA)

Short Kinesiology Courses

Kinesiology for everyone or "to try the waters"

1. Kinesiolgy for Self-Care - BKP 101 - weekend & evening classes

This workshop introduces you to the basic knowledge of kinesiology & the principles of Chinese philosophy & medicine. It will teach you how to perform powerful energy balances for yourself, family and friends.

We will share with you simple balancing techniques to release stress & increase life-energy; emotional stress release techniques; brain integration techniques; and how to shift away from negativeness and issues, focus on goals and balance yourself to increase your vibration and to manifest your preferred reality for more joyful personal experiences.

Certification: International Certificate in Kinesiology for Self-Care issued by ICPKP .

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2. Kinesiolgy for Wellness - BKP 101-105 - 5 weekend workshop

This workshop includes BKP 101 and introduces students to the fundamentals of PKP kinesiology. Topics include the techniques of manual muscle testing, 5-Element theory and practice, and the history and philosophy of kinesiology. This course consists of the first five units of the Certificate in Basic Kinesiology

Certification: International Certificate in Kinesiology for Wellness issued by ICPKP.

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3. TFH (Touch for Health) - 4 months at one unit per month

You can choose this course if you wish to first "try the waters" and to check if you will enjoy studying kinesiology.

TFH is an excellent course for those who wish to study kinesiology to help themselves, family and friends and do not have ambitions to become practicing kinesiologists. 

Certification: International Certificate in Touch for Health  issued by IKC

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After completing any the above workshops, the student can choose to continue with the professional program listed on the left column.

Career in Kinesiology

·  Choose the ICPKP certification kinesiology course as a basic kinesiology course if you wish to become a practicing kinesiologist and start own career in holistic health and wellness. You can continue with advanced ICPKP programs to earn an international diploma in kinesiology.

·  Choose TFH (Touch for Health®) kinesiology course to help yourself, to assist family and friends, or to add new tools to your existing healing practice.

To become a practicing kinesiologist, a minimum of 250 hours of study of internationally recognised kinesiology programs is required according to ASKSA – Association of Specialised Kinesiologists of South Africa.

Upon completing 250 hours of study

·         The student can be listed as a member of ASKSA with a status as “active kinesiologist”.

·         The student can earn while continue learning *.

·         The student can continue further study and obtain a kinesiology ICPKP diploma.

* First Aid and Anatomy & Physiology are additional courses required, before the student can start practicing. These can be done with the assistance of JKCHH or via another college or university.

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