The kinesiology approach when addressing chronic headache symptoms is very different from the conventional. Kinesiology always offers one and the same approach and it is a full energy balance.  

Every kinesiology session is unique and leads the client one step closer to natural health and wellness. It offers awareness of what may be the cause of the headache symptoms the person experiences. It can be a combination of poor diet choices, dehydration, food sensitivity, posture imbalances, metal toxicity, electromagnetic disturbance and many other physical or emotional imbalances. All these are addressed and balanced if they show during the course of a kinesiology session.

Most often a full energy balance includes age recession, future progression and exploration of generational patterns. Support is also offered – like natural supplements and herbs, physical and emotional detox programs, massage and other necessary lifestyle changes (like diet, exercise, rest, orientation to priority goals).

The results our clients report are truly amazing.

In our centre we only agree to address chronic headaches after our clients have already visited their doctor and eliminated any life-threatening condition. If you experience sudden sharp headache which you have never experienced before, speak to your doctor first.

Some "red flag" symptoms require urgent further investigations by a specialist. If you experience any sudden headache, inability to move a limb, mental confusion, visual loss or disturbance, or any other symptoms you feel uncomfortable about, contact your doctor first before you visit us.

However if you experience chronic headache and nothing else helps, call or email us to book a kinesiology session.

This may change your life forever!

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