Healing Tips

1. Raw organic vegan food.

This is a powerful natural God given medicine that rejuvenates and heals your body, mind and soul. Start your own organic garden. Watch the short video on this page.

2. Pure water. Water is life!

  • Drink fresh spring water, fresh organic fruit and veggie juices - hydration
  • Shower and bath - outside wash
  • Enemas - inside wash

3. Daily outdoor exercise. Movement and sun is life!

Jogging, yoga, stretching, swimming, hiking, walking.

Vitally important for circulation, heart, joints,  bones, skin, mood, energy and vitality. It keeps you young and strong!

4. Connect to nature, animals and other people.

Sit in the garden; walk in the  park; hike; visit a game reserve; get a pet; socialise with positive people.

5. Invest in your vitality.

Go for a massage, kinesiology balance, reflexology, rejuvenating workshops and retreats. Take good supplements.

6. Meditate daily.

7. Daily practice - unconditional love, gratitude and acts of kindness