6 Sept 2017, 7:05 am.
Today the Sun raised at 6:30am. My day started with Sun gazing, jogging meditation, LQUPQD Qigong, 5 squats and some yoga warm-ups.
Sitting on the computer starting my focused & joyful program - emails - enquiries, students, dentists, entrepreneur talk. Today I will be performing my "Persona Narichane".

7 Sept 2017 7:03 am
Greetings to Life! Today for me the Sun raised at 6:18am. Sun gazing, Qigong and setting my intention for the day. Amazing preparation and meeting with Myriam. All emails sent. peaceful, warm and blissful BLT prayer. Life is beautiful.
Evening Prayer BLT session at Nasley.

8 Sept 2017 - Kahuna level 2 (connecting with Anthea after Hawaii) & new evening Sound therapy session. Rushing & searching two new venues. Feeling tired, something is opening for cleansing.

9-14 Sept 2017 - Lazar & Nicole birthday parties, BLT monthly workshop - skipped all, went into crises - very sick Sat, Sun & Mon, Tue & Wed an & off. 14 Sept Thu - kin session with Angela, tired but a new beginning.

15-17 Sep 2017 - preparation (Fri - gardening) & full weekend program. PKPASA Holistic Entrepreneurship seminar, BKP 108 - 4 students, Qigong 10 new students.

18 Sep, Monday - New dentist No 10. Time out, wait again. Cresta walk & me time, youtube music, massage.

1 - 27 October 2017 - new beginning.