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Miniature Quilting


The workshop intends to assist with natural healing, relaxation and rejuvenation

Reconnect to self with innovative eyes of a child & the wisdom of a master!
Nurture your intuitive, playful self and experience more joy, beauty and peace in your life!

Enquire about upcoming retreats in 2017 & 2018

Venue: 5 Condon Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg

You know nothing about miniature quilting?
We will teach you. It is easy to start and brings lots of joy!

fee: R150 pp.
The fee includes all materials and teas & coffees.
Special fee: 
Bring a friend and pay R100 each

Miniature Quilting Art

Miniature Quilting is a process of joining patches from different fabric, colors and shapes  together and on another layer of fabric to create art, which is especially meaningful for you.

Some participants may choose to simply glue the patches on the backing material and frame the quilt as is.

Other participants would choose to join the fabric together using a needle and thread. Different variety of stitches can be used - functional or decorative. The participants can continue this process at home and create more peace and joy in their hearts and more beauty in their homes.

Miniature Quilting is usually done by hand and is used to create pictures, cards, decorative cushions or other textile products. It is an excellent way to make special gifts for your loved ones.

The process of creating a miniature quilt is easy and playful. It is an excellent way to let go of accumulated pressures and worries, and to relax, ease up and reconnect with your natural sense of joy, creativity, and self-worth.

Beautiful Gift-Vouchers are available
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