Excessive stress damages cells, interferes normal organ function, produces toxins and accelerates aging.

Not all stress is bad. Good stress helps us to change and adapt, it makes us alive, energetic and enthusiastic and leads to personal development. 

Distress (too intense or too long stress) may cause imbalances in our energy system and "dis-ease".

When we notice that we are overstressed, we restore the balance by having a good massage, spending time in nature (hiking or walking in the park, gardening), doing our favorite hobby, exercise (jogging, swimming and Yoga), breathing exercises, meditation, prayer or simply spending time with a good friend. But sometimes we may feel we can't cope well. To reach for unhealthy quick fix - caffeine, overeating, alcohol, drugs is a mistake as these add more stress to the body. A better choice would be to seek assistance to restore balance back to normal.

Kinesiology helps to restore your inner power and strength. You become aware that you have much more choices and resourses.

Then you can make stress your friend instead of your enemy; you can renew your depleted resources by learning good skills for managing stress.

During a kinesiology session by using light muscle testing we listen to your body's innate wisdom. The result is beautiful self-awareness which increases  self-healing power!

If you feel you have too much stress in your life and you need to look deeper in yourself for answers, call or email us to book a kinesiology session.

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