Kinesiology - the science of energy balancing

Kinesiology is the most holistic therapy of all the natural therapies. It combines the art of muscle testing with the principles of Chinese medicine and is one of the best methods to restore harmony which often reverses the process of dis-ease

Kinesiology recognises that muscles can be very precise monitors of stress and imbalance within the body. As a result of injury, emotional trauma, nutritional or other unresolved stress, the energy flow may be interrupted and the whole body can be affected. During a kinesiology session, the exact nature of blockage in the energy flow is identified by muscle testing. Your body therefore tells us where the imbalances are and chooses the best method to correct them, rather than the practitioner telling you what you need. Different energy balancing techniques are used during the session to enable you to release energy blocks, eliminate toxins, reduce tension, and enhance your body’s natural healing ability.

Techniques used: 

  • Manual muscle testing to identify the underlying causes of symptoms
  • Reflex points, meridians, muscle balancing, brain integration techniques 
  • Various stress release methods 
  • Nutritional support and many more

Kinesiology works successfully on many physical, mental and emotional levels and issues such as:


  Back / neck pain
  Digestive disorders
  Emotional traumas
  Learning difficulties
  ADD / dyslexia

  Past traumas
  Recurrent infections

The results are truly amazing! Kinesiology brings awareness and insight by finding solutions. Balancing your energies enhances your ability to clarify what you truly want, to make choices and attract to you the things and people that will support you in your life purpose.

It's all about Energy

Kinesiology relies on a deep holistic understanding of energy flows. It rebalances and corrects energy imbalances to remedy the manifesting causes of unwellness, enhance prevention, and the optimisation of wellness - in all aspects, physiologically, mentally and spiritually.

Allopathic therapies (conventional medical approaches) focus more strongly on symptomatic diagnostics and treatment, whether such symptoms are detected physiologically, biochemically or neurologically, where kinesiology focuses on underlying imbalances in energy flows to address their most underlying causes. Note that this does not depreciate the specific value of allopathic techniques at all, but means that these fundamentally different approaches orient themselves towards the total human being at different levels of the energy-matter spectrum.

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