True healing

Your body takes care about the healing. It is designed to do this.

All healing is self-healing. Stop looking for relief in the world and start loving yourself.

All people around you, all professionals, your family, your friends focus on their own lives.

Stop listening to negativity and start telling yourself loving and beautiful things every day.

You are an amazing person that matters. Your opinion in yourself, what you think and how you feel about yourself and your life, is the most important thing that supports your healing.

Get in touch with yourself, live in sync with your heart and It will make you love other people more. Then love from other people and the world will start to flow. People will become inspired by you and you will feel inspired by people.

Stay humble and kind, and full of love. Love brings love!

start doing things you like right now even if this increase your pain – as long

Forget about dis-ease. Dis-ease doesn’t exist! Only Love is. Dis-ease is your story. Focusing on your story will make it grow.

Take care of joy, take care of love, take care of togetherness.

Give to others because you give to yourself. Give kindness, a smile, a good word, some of your time.

Don’t make deases your focus. It is not permanent 9:20

Storm doesn’t last forever.

Pain is a message. Don't worry about pain.Take care of the message!