Kahuna Retreat

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Kahuna Retreat

with Hawaiian Massage Training

15 - 18 December 2018

A unique opportunity for healing and inner transformation

This is a profound energy healing retreat through Hawaiian massage, dance, nutrition, meditation, sound and colour therapy, goal setting  and much more, based on the ancient wisdom of Hawaii, Tibet,  China  as well as the modern quantum physics and kinesiology

We can accommodate maximum 8 participants

In the program

·    Experience Kinesiology, Qigong, Yoga and Hawaiian Huna philosophy to naturally let go of accumulated stress and to increase vital energies and zest for life.

·     Learn and experience giving and receiving beautiful intuitive massages based on the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna bodywork.

·    Experience deeper awareness and holistic re-connection on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - through movement, massage, dance, nourishing, healing touch and meditation.

· Explore the power of intention, energy and intuition through daily discussions, visualization and meditation

·   Practice kinesiology techniques for energy balancing and integration. Learn to listen and trust your inner guidance.

· Meditating, dancing and sharing will allow you to feel lighter and rejuvenated with new excitement, passion and zest for life.

·    Relax, energise, rejuvenate and meet new friends. Leave feeling totally cleansed, transformed and embracing life in a new beautiful way.

About your facilitator

Lazarina van Oostveen - professional kinesiologist & instructor - ICPKP kinesiology, Zhineng Qigong, Japanese & Hawaiian massage

Pictures are from the Kahuna Retreat
in December 2014