Self Care

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 Introductory Kinesiology Course

Kinesiology in Self care – Intensive BKP 101

Thursday evening course - 3 consecutive Thursdays

27 September, 4 & 11 October 2018

Time 5-9pm

International ICPKP Certificate in Self-care

issued by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice, NZ


Venue: 5 Condon Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg


Teacher: Lazarina van Oostveen (a faculty members of ICPKP)


Course: R2200 payable on enrolment

 This fee includes: ICPKP license; ICPKP class manual & assessment journal; the online test;

For those students who will not continue with more kinesiology study

and wish to order an International Certificate in Self-Care from ICPKP New Zealand,

the cost of this certificate is R490.


The student will have an opportunity to continue their study and enrol for more advanced professional kinesiology ICPKP courses in 2018-2019


BKP 101

The ICPKP kinesiology balancing protocols focus on enhancing all areas of life �� health, relationships, finances, business, sport, etc.

Anyone can enrol, learn and apply this knowledge, no matter age, education or experience.

In the program:

BKP 101 explores basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (like those used in acupuncture) in combination with modern techniques for wellness and preventive health care.

  • Kinesiology – the Science of Energy Balancing
  • The basic theory of acupuncture meridians and natural flow of energy
  • How to test yourself for energy imbalances
  • How to set SMART goals. Shift your focus from problems to you positive intentions
  • Energy balancing techniques:  Neuro-Lymphatics (NL): Neuro-Emotionals (NE),  Neuro-Vasculars (NV); Walking gait reflexes, Crosscrawl, Auricular energy, Visual inhibition
  • Emotional Stress Release (ESR) technique
  • Kinesiology self-balancing protocol

To enrol for this course, send an enquiry to to receive an enrolment form..

Professional Kinesiology Training

 To enrol for the ICPKP Professional certification 12-month kinesiology course

please send an enquiry to to receive enrolment forms and information.

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