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Professional Kinesiology Course - info HERE

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Short courses

 Basic Kinesiology Principles - BKP101

 Kinesiology in Self-care


29 May 5-9 pm,  Friday evening
30 & 31 May 9am - 12pm, Saturday & Sunday

In the program

       You will learn:
  • A kinesiology self-testing method
  • How to evaluate your life-energy and to set up positive intentions
  • Several kinesiology techniques for energy balancing and the basic acupuncture meridians
  • A simple kinesiology self-balancing protocol

Everyone can enrol!

Further Study

Upon completing this course,

The students may enroll for more short kinesiology courses,

Or for the International Course in Professional Kinesiology.Practice - ICPKP

Course fee: R2500 payable on enrollment

Venue: 5 Condon Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg. Kindly contact the teacher to confirm the venue.

Teacher: Lazarina van Oostveen, a faculty member of ICPKP


The students who participate in this course and complete their assessments
and online test, may order an International Certificate in Self-Care
issued by ICPKP New Zealand.
The additional cost of this certificate is R250.

Contact us for the current dates & fees

Further study

The students attending the BKP101 course will have an opportunity to continue their study.
They can enrol for more advanced kinesiology training - please see HERE

3-hour workshop

once a month

3-hour workshop

once every few months

 1-day Kinesiology workshops i

Read here

To enrol for K-Power®, BKP101 or other workshops
please send an email to
and request an enrollment form

For information and booking for our short courses, workshops and retreats
call or email Laika: 072 357 8262; 011 781 8211;

5 Condon Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg
The Johannesburg Kinesiology College of Holistic Healing

Information about Professional Kinesiology Courses HERE