Diploma of Energy Psychology

Advanced PKP courses - Levels 2-5

ICPKP® Diploma of Energy Psychology 

Subconscious, Soul and Spiritual issues in a Clinical Practice



This diploma course will begin in January 2024. 

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Classes - 9 diploma units - see part 1 + 4 additional units (if not studied with another diploma program) - see part 2 & 3.


Part 1 – Nine EMS units 



Part 2 – Red flags unit

 OCT 302 Red Flags in Kinesiopractic®. Diagnosis & Treatment vs the PKP™ Protocol

(This important unit will be taught by an external facilitator online and the fee will be announced later.)

Part 3 – Three SPM (K-Power) units

(only for those students who haven't completed these units during PKP Level 1)


Key: LDP - Lecture, Demonstration, Practice

 Course Fees


Option 1: Pay per unit before each unit begins:


Option 2: Pay in advance for part 1 and you can get 10% discount of the regular fee. 



*The course fees shown above are offered for South African residents only, that will be starting in 2023-2024. If you are not a South African resident, kindly enquire about course fees for international students.

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