Special programs

Massage Programs

Japanese Massage Program

See info about this massage HERE

Package price: R2950 for 5 Saionji massages

when paid and booked in advance

* * *

Lomi-chi Abdominal Massage Program

See info about this massage HERE

Package price: R2950 for 5 Lomi-chi massages

when paid and booked in advance

This unique therapeutic massage will detoxify, restore and rejuvenate the internal organs, by balancing repressed emotions and releasing stored tension and stress.

Some emotional charges may have not been well "digested" or have been stored for better times when we have more experience and wisdom to process them. The body wisely finds places to hide these charges, which often results in pain, nervous tension or other health symptoms. The symptoms we experience are often signals from our body that it is high time to restore the balance.

During a Lomi-chi session the client has an opportunity to connect with repressed emotions which leads to powerful healing. The result is more fresh energy, more joy and zest for life.

* * *

Benefits of a Regular Holistic Massage

A Perfect Elixir for Good Health

Release "Feel Good" Chemicals

Help Healing Process; Help Manage Stress

Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Reduces Fatigue and Increases Energy

Relieve Pains and Tension

Increase Circulation; Improve Sleep

Supports You to Feel Young and Beautiful

It Always Feels Good!

Kinesiology Programs

Kinesiology Special Program

See info about kinesiology HERE

Package price: R2500 for 4 kinesiology session,

when paid and booked in advance

* * *

Intensive Private Retreat

This program is suitable for those who travel from far,

Or feel a need to experience an Intensive Private Retreat.

An individual program will be created during the first kinesiology consultation.

An intensive Private Retreat can include:

Option 1: two 1,5-hour sessions per day for 4 days, or

Option 2: one 2-hour session per day for 6 days.

Each session may include Kinesiology, Massage, or a Combination of both. Additional therapies may include: Theta healing, Integrated healing, Reiki, Qigong, Paida and Lajin

Package price: R5800 for an Intensive Private Retreat

when paid and booked in advance (save R1000).

* * *

Holistic Self-healing Program

For inner harmony and high level of wellness & vitality

This one-month program may include

  • Four one-on-one sessions - one session a week.

  • One or more self-care group sessions to assist you to build a daily self-healing practice in the comfort of your home.

The individual program and the package price will be discussed during your first consultation.

Information about our self-care workshops can be viewed HERE

To book your program, contact us HERE

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