Special programs

Kinesiology Programs

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Each kinesiology session is a unique opportunity for deep healing and awareness. It involves both, an energy evaluation and balance.

Single session: R750

This program is an opportunity for a deeper commitment, observation, awareness and energetic shift. 

Package fee: R2500 - when booked and paid in advance. 

* * *

This kinesiology program may include daily or weekly observation and support, several therapeutic methods, specific exercise and nutritional programs, self-healing workshops, retreats and more. 

Package fee: An individual healing program will be offered after an initial kinesiology session. 

An important note

We all can find ourselves in a stressful life situation, where individual support and guidance is searched and valuable for our healing and rejuvenation. The PKP kinesiology healing modality is based on the important concept of self-responsibility. All our healing programs aim at supporting our clients to be self-reliant and independent in their healing journey as soon as possible. Therefore, each healing program will be discussed and set up in accordance to the  client's individual situation, awareness and wish. 

Massage Programs

Japanese Massage Program

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Single session: R650 for 1h Saionji massage

Package fee: R2900 for five 1h Saionji massages

when paid and booked in advance

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Lomi-chi Abdominal Massage Program

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Single session: R650 for 1h Lomi-chi massage

Package fee: R2900 for five 1h  Lomi-chi massages

when paid and booked in advance

This unique therapeutic massage will detoxify, restore and rejuvenate the internal organs, by balancing repressed emotions and releasing stored tension and stress.

Some emotional charges may have not been well "digested" or have been stored for better times when we have more experience and wisdom to process them. The body wisely finds places to hide these charges, which often results in pain, nervous tension or other health symptoms. The symptoms we experience are often signals from our body that it is high time to restore the balance.

During a Lomi-chi session the client has an opportunity to connect with repressed emotions which leads to powerful healing. The result is more fresh energy, more joy and zest for life.

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