Kinesiology - a powerful art of healing and transformation

PKP Kinesiology is a broad system of tools, offered to assist us to revitalize our natural abilities for self-healing, awakening and creativity. A kinesiology session aims in reconnecting us to the innate wisdom within us, where healing occurs naturally.

Happiness, joy, peace and satisfaction is our natural state of being. And contrary, sickness, pain and suffering show when not in alignment to the Truth. Healing is an ongoing natural process of moving closer to Heath, Love and Truth.

As our life experiences reflect our vibration (in all askects of life: heath, work, finances, relationships, etc), every kinesiology session can be a very successful opportunity for self-awareness, reawakening, and personal spiritual growth.

As we heal within, our outside world inevitably will reflect it. And miracles do happen!

It's all about Energy

Kinesiology relies on a deep holistic understanding that everything in the Universe is energy, and vibrates at various frequencies. Each PKP kinesiology balancing sessions includes a step by step evaluation and correction of energy imbalances. It aims at optimisation of wellness in all aspects of life.

True health means

  • physical vitality

  • mental clarity

  • emotional peace of mind

  • ability to create and love

  • feeling safe, supported and loved

  • sense of belonging, kindness and joy

Pain, mental worries, emotional upsets, fear, guilt, regret, and many other emotional and physical pains and discomforts are all effects of energy imbalances.

Kinesiology is a gentle noninvasive therapy which uses light manual muscle monitoring, and other energy balancing techniques to assess and balance the vital energies within the body. It aims at raising our awareness of what prevents us to be our best, and opening our hearts for more unconditional love, creativity and kindness.

The result is a profound vibrational shift, deeper self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love, inner peace and satisfaction.

The science of energy balancing

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy which addresses the connection between body, mind and spirit, and aims to bring them into balance. It combines the art of muscle testing with the principles of Chinese philosophy and natural medicine, and is one of the well recognized methods to restore harmony, which often reverses the process of mental, emotional and physical discomforts and dis-ease.

Kinesiology recognises that muscles can be very precise monitors of stress and energy imbalances within the body. As a result of injury, emotional trauma, nutritional deficiencies or unresolved stress, the energy flow may be interrupted, and the whole body integrity may be affected. During a kinesiology session, the nature of some blockages in the energy flow is identified, and the most appropriate methods for energy balancing are chosen using muscle monitoring. Different energy balancing techniques are used during the session to help releasing energy blocks, eliminate toxins, reduce tension, and enhance your body’s natural healing ability.

Some of the most profound additional positive effects many clients report are: better self-awareness, ability to see the bigger picture, re-connection to the natural zest for life, reactivation of creativity, self-love, kindness and sens of curiosity and wonder.

Experience Kinesiology

Private sessions

A session called "kinesiology energy balance" aims at connecting us to our inner wisdom. Life feels different when mind is clear and heart is peaceful - we experience more joy, inner peace and satisfaction.


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Want to experience the benefits of kinesiology right away?

Techniques used

  • Manual muscle testing to identify the underlying causes of symptoms

  • Reflex points, muscle balancing methods, brain integration techniques

  • Various stress release techniques

  • Nutritional support and many more

The results are truly amazing!

Kinesiology brings awareness and insight by finding solutions. Balancing your energies enhances your ability to clarify what you truly want, to make choices and attract to you things, people and opportunities that will support you in your life purpose.

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