Testimonial by Lizzie - kinesiology sessions in 2007

When I went to see Laika, so much was wrong in my life and I’d reached an all time low of continual depression, fear and despair. I felt trapped, deeply threatened, hopeless and helpless. I didn’t think, at that point, that there was any possibility of me feeling better. I’d been perceiving myself as a victim for such a long time. This manifested itself physically and my stomach and entire digestive system had literally stopped functioning resulting in continual pain and distension.

I was amazed at the first session with Laika herself because she made me feel calm and I hadn’t felt calm for a long time. I think the most powerful element that Laika produced was “awareness”. It was overwhelming and astonishing and made me look deeply at myself. By the fourth kinesiology session, my life has changed in a positive and constructive way. New opportunities loom, new truths have been realized, new plans of action have awakened my zest for life. My stomach settled as I continued to purge myself emotionally. Kinesiology has changed my life forever.

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Testimonial by Anina - a retreat participant

Thank you again for the fantastic weekend away. I feel revived and spiritually activated at so many levels. It truly was a Transformational Workshop.

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Testimonial by Donivon - prison program in 2010

I enjoyed this course as it gave me a different perspective of things. We were given a lot of freedom to express ourselves and that meant a lot to my self-esteem. I have come to believe that my goals are realistic and achievable. I will be working very hard towards obtaining my long term goals that have set for myself.

I am more confident and determined to succeed. I realize that I am responsible for my actions. I realize the potentials I have and I will use this sentence as an opportunity to change.

I will continually remind myself that this is not the end of the road but the beginning of new opportunities. I will keep on believing in my ability and never doubt any more. There are many opportunities out there for hardworking capable and reasonable people.

I have come to realize that life is much more worth than cars and money. Life is precious – we should make the most of it.

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