Prison Programs


by inmates who attended a 10 Week Kinesiology Life-Skills and Stress Management Program

Leuuwkop Medium Security Prison

2009 - 2011

1. Testimonial by Donivon - Nov 2010

I enjoyed this course as it gave me a different perspective of things. We were given a lot of freedom to express ourselves and that meant a lot to my self-esteem. I have come to believe that my goals are realistic and achievable. I will be working very hard towards obtaining my long term goals that have set for myself.

I am more confident and determined to succeed. I realize that I am responsible for my actions. I realize the potentials I have and I will use this sentence as an opportunity to change.

I will continually remind myself that this is not the end of the road but the beginning of new opportunities. I will keep on believing in my ability and never doubt any more. There are many opportunities out there for hardworking capable and reasonable people.

I have come to realize that life is much more worth than cars and money. Life is precious – we should make the most of it.

2. Testimonial by Newman - Nov 2010

I can be honest and say that before doing this course I was always filled with anger, frustration and a lot of stress and I spent most of my time trying to figure out how I am going to revenge to the people who betrayed me outside the prison. But this course has made wonders for me as I now view the world differently. It has taught me to face the situations in a positive way. I have also learnt that it is always hard to forget something bad that one did but to accept and try to move on is a positive way. Through kinesiology corrections I realised how some of the corrections can improve one’s energy and I decided to take it even further and join gymnasium here inside the prison which also helps me to stay fit and focused as well. This program also taught me not to direct my failures and problems to other people but to direct them to myself and make friends with them so that I can also be able to deal with them positively.

After attending my first class of kinesiology I came out of the class with a true meaning of the word forgiveness and I have told myself that I have to forgive and move on with my life.

I wish to say that I was very impressed by the way the course was conducted and the way the facilitator valued the opinions of the group.

I feel as if something heavy has been removed from my shoulders. Before the beginning of the course I was wandering if I was going to do the exams the correct way and my energy level has been low but after doing the kinesiology correction “gates” somehow my energy level and concentration improved. I now feel less stressed, more focussed and with more energy.

I will now be able to deal with negative emotions differently as this course taught me how to handle negative situations. I am now in a position to handle my matters and I can say that I am a better person. I also learned to respect other people’s values.

3. Testimonial by Joseph - Nov 2010

I feel very great about what I have achieved in this course and I will always maintain the attitude that this course taught me.

I found the kinesiology part of the course especially important, valuable and exciting. I use “switching” to ease my tension and it has worked very nicely for me. When I rub those points my breathing increases, my energy shifts and I feel good after that.

I feel that I have capability to face any tough situation with great vigorous and determined attitude. I want this to be my everyday practice and to become a norm and standard for me.

I will continue attending kinesiology courses and I would like to become a facilitator and share what I’ve learned with other delegates.

4. Testimonial by Sifiso - Aug 2010

Before the course I was living an isolated lifestyle. I used to bottle up, I never talked openly about what ever was bothering me and I didn’t care much about other people’s feelings. It was always about me. I was self centered and I used to have stomach pain often. But after using kinesiology methods those pains became the thing of the past.

During the course for the first time most of my cell-mates started to know how many years I was serving because my communication skills have improved. I was open to opinions and I was able to listen to other people’s problems and give my opinion if necessary. But what was more important for me is that during the whole process I got healed mentally, emotionally and physically. I was hurt and betrayed by my former best friends. I used to tell myself that when I get free I am going to kill them because they turned against me in court and they are the reason why I am here while they are having their freedom.

Everything has changed now since I have started to attend the kinesiology life-skill [course]. I have not only forgiven my former best friends but I have also forgiven everyone who has wronged against me because now I have a better understanding and no longer react towards the situation but I respond and choose  a proper manner to solve disputes. I also know my priorities as a person and know how to set a SMART goal. 

I feel much more confident now and I learned a lot of how I can help somebody but much more importantly I feel happy because I know how to identify my emotions and I am more patient with other people. I have learned to identify the problem, to tell exactly how I feel and to be more observant of my surroundings. The demonstrations are what I liked the most about the course. Whenever I feel ill or stressed, I will apply the kinesiology methods. Over and above I’m more than happy to be one of the lucky guys to have learned this great course free of charge.

5. Testimonial by Skoti - Nov 2010

The first thing I experienced in this course is healing. I experienced relief of my pain in my heart, mind and muscles. Before this course I was having too much stress, confusion and disappointment. But after the course all things which were hurting me are gone already.

I keep doing kinesiology balances every morning and evening in order to achieve my goals.

My goal is to learn new skills, get a certificate so I can get a job easily after being released from the prison. I want to invest my money, open a workshop and take care of my family.

The kinesiology course taught me to stay with the truth day and night. I am no longer a liar or doing criminal jobs. 

I now sleep better at night, I have more energy and my stress is less. I am not angry like before and I feel calm. I listen carefully to someone who teaches me because I am building my life. I am no longer depressed.

Before I felt that I was caring a big stone in my heart and my brain and now this feeling is gone. My pain is released. These balances are working for me because I don’t fight or steel anymore. I was taught how to control my emotions, think good things and communicate better with people.

My health has improved. I eat enough early in the morning and do my morning routine. I limit thinking things that confuse my brain. Before I go to sleep I do a kinesiology balance.

Another thing I have noticed about me is that I cooperate with my cellmates, laugh, read the Bible and other books and magazines.

I thank my class teacher for opening my spiritual eyes and ears.

6. Testimonial by Cashious - Nov 2010

This course did a lot for me because it taught me how to communicate and respect other people. I have learned exercises to help me reduce bad thoughts and feelings. I will keep doing what I have been taught in this course in order to keep my body in harmony.

Since I started this course I feel happy. My body became flexible, I don’t even think too much, my stress decreased, I gained confidence. I am a better person now and see a better life ahead.

7. Testimonial by Elliot - Nov 2010

Before I started this program I had no self-control and life-skills. The kinesiology life-skills and stress management program encouraged me and helped me heal. My communication is much better and I feel I am part of a community. I feel more bright and light.

I am willing to change my lifestyle. I want to be different, run away from friends with bad influence, work hard, have success and be a good father. I am willing to attend practical workshops so when I go outside the prison I can open my own workshop. I want to have a big house and a nice family.

8. Testimonial by Teboho - Nov 2010

Kinesiology has changed my like in such a way no one can believe. It taught me how to respect others and how to communicate with others better. It has taught me how to have commitment in all things I do in order for me to succeed.

Since the course has started I have been enjoying each and every day. I wish I could go on with the course outside.

9. Testimonial by Titos - Nov 2010

Before I started this course I was lost. I used to think a lot. I was feeling stressed all the time.

Kinesiology helped me a lot because I am no longer depressed, aggressive, stressed and lonely. I am now happy, calm, compassionate, focused and motivated. I no longer think about past and I am going to work and build my future. I want to be a good father and respect the mother of my kids.

10. Testimonial by Faivan - Nov 2010

This course healed my body and opened my way for success in life. It made me forget all those past things that were hurting me. I forgive all those who confused my mind and my heart.

I have more energy, I sleep better and I am becoming stronger all the time. My concentration improved, I am calm and communicate better. My cell mates gave me a new name – they say I am “brotherand” which means I am a good messenger.

I now don’t feel heavy in my body and especially in my mind. The kinesiology balances released the pain in my heart. I am calm and I am no more upset. I feel passion and no more stress. I feel positive now because I can forgive someone who does wrong for me. The kinesiology balances are like a doctor to my body.

I know now that I should treat someone the way I want him to treat me. I can teach others about this at last.

This course shows me that I have to work for myself all my life to improve my family life.

I now see that there is life after jail because I learn from my mistakes.

My goal is to learn new skills and get certificates so that when I am released I can get a job and support my family. I want to open a workshop and help other people who are not working. No more crime. Thank you.

I thank my class teacher for giving me lightness. She must not give up.

11. Testimonial by Samuel - Nov 2010

That was the most fantastic course I have ever attended. It has improved my life skills and my communication with others. I am very happy to be one of the participants. Today my mind is wide open, I have changed my attitude and I am stress free. The best thing is that it has taught me how to rearrange my communication with other inmates. I have no anger anymore.

This course has taught me to rearrange my life. At first I did not understand who I was. I was confused when I reached the prison place. I have done some courses and I did feel better but not as much as after this course. I had a lot of stress but today I am feeling well. To understand the corrections in this course is very important.  This course made me love myself and respect other people. I used to tell myself that I can’t contact my friends outside, but after the course I realize that I can communicate with my friends as older days.

Really this is a healing spiritual course. Truly speaking it has taken my stress away. It really helped me. I will always carry on practicing the skills I’ve learned and will teach other people about it.  Thank you, Laika for making this course very interesting for me.

12. Testimonial by Frazer - Aug 2010

My life was a ticking time bomb before I started this program. The father who supposed to love and take care of me abandoned me with my family so I started to fill myself with hatred, anger and jealousy. I hated every father who had children.

Revenge became the norm of my everyday life. I felt useless, like a loser, my school marks dropped, my behavior towards my classmates, teachers and my family changed. I was miserable.

I suffered from headache on a daily bases so I drank Grandpa Powder for 3 years and I got addicted to it. I found myself in a hospital red under drips with my mother at my side. One afternoon I had dropped down like a plain crash, holding my hands on my head. I was unconscious for 3 days. I was diagnosed with migraine headache so I started to take pills for 12 years.

During the kinesiology course I learned about the ESR (Emotional Stress Release), figure of 8s, Neurovascular massage, switching, full balance and many more.

ESR taught me to tune into my emotions and accept what had happened in my life. I learned how to work on my attitude and my responses to the current events, to take responsibility for myself as I am the only person who can help me.

I now apply the kinesiology skills in my daily life. I switch on my energy in the morning and connect my brain by doing central meridian balance, especially when I study. I feel a difference in anything I do. My energy level is better. I started to forgive the people that I hated. When my headache comes I do figure of 8s and I don’t take pills anymore. I feel like a new person.

The program had change the way I think, do things and I am now more aware about goal setting.

I now think that all each of us has a choice to be in control of our health, be stress free and take full responsibility for our body, mind and life.

I can advise anyone who wants to live a happy life to do this course. This program will only help you if you apply it in your life.

13. Testimonial by Kwanele - Nov 2010

I started fighting when in prison and I received another charge for six months. I was stressed because I lost my children and my family.

This course helped me change my life by teaching me how to love and respect others, how to be good person every time. I was doing wrong things, making crime, steel, fighting. Now I want to change my life and be a good person.


14. Testimonial by David - Aug 2010

I am serving 8 years for robbery and car theft. I used to cry all day. I thought: ”I could have done something better with my life but now I am going to suffer in jail forever and my three year old son is growing up without a father. I thought I could succeed by stealing cars but I drank away the money and now I am paying the price.”

First day when I came to this course, I did not understand about the balance. I was having more stress done to have less stress and energy. But the second class it was good because I started to understand. I questioned my facilitator Laika about the balance that we did the first day and she gave me the answer. From that day I started to enjoy the course. I started to put all my inner part to the balances.

I have studied many different angles of self work but it is now time to use the learning in a practical way and to focus on important aspects of the balance.

Because of this course I have good communications with people.

But the very important thing I learned is Five Tibetan exercises.

About the course I can say it gave me the strength to do things in good way, be proud of myself and be kind. To be nurturing to myself and others. To give my best in everything I do; to be a man of my word and follow my truth.

I know what I want in life and can set strong set of personal values with which I will always evaluate myself and set personal boundaries in life.

The course gave me the best.

15. Testimonial by Simphiwe - Aug 2010

Ever since I started attending the kinesiology course, there are a lot of changes about the way I feel.

Firstly my body is lighter than it used to be due to exercises. My mind works faster compared to before and my life in general is adopting a positive way of being conducted, therefore kinesiology has a good impact in my entire feeling.

I am willing to make sure to live up to the lessons I’ve learnt by keeping in mind everything I know by making sure that I apply the teaching in every situation that I come across in order to be a leading example to people around me and life in general.

My point is: I am willing not to forget the teachings that I’ve acquired from this course.

I was aggressive and easy to anger. I feel very different now because I don’t easily get angry.

I am different about the way I think and I have changed the way I solve problems now. I’m planning to change my life.

This course helped me to understand myself and to control my inner being. The kinesiology exercises are very vital for controlling my anger and problem solving. When exposed to a situation that needs one to overcome anger and violence, it is when the lessons will need application into action to resolve matters professionally and positively.

This course was very educational and motivational and I can interact with any problem even in the society of the outside world.

I am going to teach my mother this course when I go outside because she is old now and the exercises are good for the health of the body.

16. Testimonial by Petrus - Aug 2010

I felt nervous when I started the course. I suffered with pain and felt depression when I started the kinesiology exercises.

During the rehabilitation course I learned to communicate with other people and when I started to practice the kinesiology exercises my body felt good. I changed the way I was, I sleep good, I study good, I feel good all the time and I have no stress.

I am planning to use the skills I learned in this kinesiology course.

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