Zhineng Qigong Workshop

3-hour workshop in Johannesburg

Sunday 19 May 202

at 3 - 6pm

Venue: 5 Condon Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg, Gauteng

Workshop fee: R350 per person

Qigong DVD: R250 - guidance of Master Luke Chan for self practice

Book with Laika: 072 357 8262

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Learn how to start a daily practice of a 15 minute Qigong sequence at home

Enjoy amazing positive changes in your health, energy and wellbeing

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Qigong is an ancient Chinese method for self-healing and self-development.

It is easy to learn and true joy to practice.

You will focus on slow meditative movements, leading to natural relaxation and sense of peace and joy.

Click here to watch a short movie showing the healing power of Zhineng Qigong

 (bladder tumor disappearing in 3 min in the presence of Chinese Zhineng Qigong Masters)

Your teacher: Lazarina van Oostveen (Laika)

Laika studied Qigong with Britta Stalling (Cape Town), Master Yuantong Liu (China) and Master Jianshe (China). Her intention is to promote Zhineng Qigong in Johannesburg with a vision to help Qigong masters to be hosted in Johannesburg in future.

If you are unable to attend this coming workshop, 

the next Qigong workshop is scheduled for Sunday 29 September 2024 at 3-6pm.

For enquiries and booking

+27 72 357 8262; +27 11 781 8211



More about  Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong is a scientific and progressive self-healing system developed by the respected grandmaster Dr Pang who combines the ancient tradition of Qigong with modern medical technologies. The method is so simple that it can be used by everyone, even by people who are very sick. It is an excellent method for stress release, a clear mind and self-development. It has been practiced in China by millions of people. For the past decade it has been spreading quickly all over the world. 

Qi (or chi) is the Chinese word for life energy. When you practice Qigong, the entire body breathes chi. With plenty of life energy one can lead a healthy, long and abundant life.

The Qigong exercises are slow meditative movements which enable  the  uninterrupted flow of chi through your body, bringing dynamic life energy to every cell. This has a powerful healing effect. The result of regular practice is abundant energy and feeling of wellbeing, joy, peace, love and happiness.

Regular practice. Although the technique is very simple (a complete beginner may often start with only 15 min a day), it takes  daily practice  and dedication to master and benefit from it.

Read here information about advanced Qigong workshops and retreats in South Africa and around the world: www.bodyandmindfactory.com


·        Radiant health, energy and youthfulness

·         Feeling of relaxation, joy, vitality, body & emotional strength and balance in all areas of life

·         Clear and tranquil mind

·         Better and restorative sleep

·         Quicker recovery from illness, surgery or trauma

·         Improved digestion, skin, hair, nails and eyes

·         Improved breathing, circulation and hormone balance

·         Improved focus and concentration.  New ideas and creativity are part of your daily experience

·        Enhanced level of intuition; Increased ability of making decisions

·         Adds years to your life and life to your years

·         When chi is abundant and flowing, heart and mind are open and attitude to life is optimistic and joyous

Did you know that -

For thousands of years the art of Qigong has been taught from one Qigong master to one student and it took many years to master it. This art has been kept in secret from the general public of China.

Today we are grateful to have access to the ancient wisdom and traditions of Qigong.

For future Retreats with Zhineng Qigong masters enquire here:   "Body and Mind Factory"

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