Workshops & Retreats

Testimonials by participants 

who attended a 4 day Transformational Retreat,

facilitated by Laika and Gaby

1. Testimonial by Elisabeth Nitsche

I attended my first Transformational Retreat with Laika and Gabby in Nov 2010. What a treat!

I had a really good time and met with some lovely people and new ideas. The location was magnificent – a real retreat – food outstanding, my first experience with raw food. I was very sceptical, however by Sunday afternoon, getting into my travel cloth – I was very chuffed, never felt hungry all weekend and lost some weight. If this is not a bonus I do not know what is.

The program was interesting – lots of new ways of thinking about things.

The massage program we were taught was magic. I am using some of the techniques and everybody seems to enjoy it.

It is definitely a retreat I would go to again - so see you at the next one.

2. Testimonial by Anina

Thank you again for the fantastic weekend away.  I feel revived and spiritually activated at so many levels.  It truly was a Transformational Workshop.

3. Testimonial by Ilza

Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat. I think everything was perfect. 

The venue so in nature give us the feeling of relaxation, and close to the Devine, I think this is the perfect place to be for a retreat.

With so many women it can be a challenge to keep up with the time, but I liked the idea that you were so flexible to change the program to give us the opportunity to discuss things that is important to us.  I also liked the idea of the “Me Time”, to just go into yourself and be quite.

And of course the massages were so much fun, I already started practising on my son and I cannot wait to complete the course.

Testimonials by participants 

who attended a 3 hour Self-healing Workshop

1. Testimonial by Lien

After the Self-healing workshop with Laika I was inspired to try some of the stress release techniques and it is working! I am delighted to report back that my depression at the moment seems to be much lighter and my joint pain is not so severe.

2. Testimonial by Beryl

I highly recommend Laika’s workshops, as she has a lot of knowledge to share and has really helped me in numerous ways.

3. Testimonial by L.M.

Thank you very much for the workshop. Both my daughter and I learned so much from it. I have been consistent by using the EFT technique for the pain in my arms and has benefited immensely from it. I have not had any drugs for the past 7 days for the pain and NO depression symptoms.

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