Kinesiology therapy

Testimonials by clients who experienced kinesiology with Laika

1. Testimonial by Lizzie

When I went to see Laika, so much was wrong in my life and I’d reached an all time low of continual depression, fear and despair. I felt trapped, deeply threatened, hopeless and helpless. I didn’t think, at that point, that there was any possibility of me feeling better. I’d been perceiving myself as a victim for such a long time. This manifested itself physically and my stomach and entire digestive system had literally stopped functioning resulting in continual pain and distension.

I was amazed at the first session with Laika herself because she made me feel calm and I hadn’t felt calm for a long time. I think the most powerful element that Laika produced was “awareness”. It was overwhelming and astonishing and made me look deeply at myself. By the fourth kinesiology session, my life has changed in a positive and constructive way. New opportunities loom, new truths have been realized, new plans of action have awakened my zest for life. My stomach settled as I continued to purge myself emotionally. Kinesiology has changed my life forever.

2. Testimonial by Beryl

I have been very ill for more than a year having unbearable pain in my back, hip, knees. I have consulted 11 specialists: neurosurgeons, physicians, orthopaedic surgeon, rheumatologist and had been treated with acupressure, acupuncture, and biofeedback but my pain was still severe. But only when I had 4 Kinesiology sessions and 2 Saionji Massages with Laika I felt my healing began. She guided me through a detoxification program and special exercises and reminded me that we humans are self-regulated systems designed to heal ourselves. Today I can honestly say that “I am Pain Free”.

3. Testimonial by Anitha

There wasn’t a way left that my husband and I did not try to be blessed with a second child. During that period of despair (for two years) we met Laika through one of our friends and learnt about her kinesiology practice. She took me through five sessions of kinesiology. I could see the difference in me even as the second session progressed. It started boosting my positive vibes. To my utter astonishment (a pleasant one of course) I noticed I missed my cycle the very next month. On the 5th of November 2007, we were blessed with a baby boy.

4. Testimonial by Lien

When I went to see Laika in 2007, I was in a state of despair and was desperate for something to help so that I could see a light at the end of my tunnel of helplessness, tiredness and depression. I suffered with bouts of tiredness, with no energy and depression all my life. I was also diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and I realize that I needed some help desperately if I wanted to survive.

If I had any doubt about the theory of Kinesiology I changed my mind within the first few minutes. I was surprised how many of my unspoken fears and emotions were picked up during the therapy. It finally started making sense why I had my illnesses. I am so very grateful that after my four Kinesiology sessions I changed from a grumpy 63-year-old retired lady to an energetic positive 63-year-young lady.

5. Testimonial by Ming-Ming

Before I came to Laika, I always dreamed to do great things. But when the day time came, my dream vanished. I always found excuses to stay in my comfort zone. The emotional traumas I had in my life made my desires seem too far to reach.

With Laika’s kinesiology therapy and because of her personality, the way she facilitates, her patience, her care but also her sharp perception to hit the issue straight in its heart so I could choose to deal with it now, my journey of change finally began.

I have been to many therapies before but exactly Kinesiology brought up my floating desire into a concrete, structured vision. I felt I finally found my right therapy. After my Kinesiology therapies, my desire I had for 3 years was put into action and my dreams started manifesting.

6. Testimonial by Karen

I went to see Laika for help with chronic back pain which I have lived with for many years since a car accident. Laika was very sensitive and helpful and through the sessions I have not only been brought relief from pain and stiffness, but also a lot of insight about my body and mind. I am feeling much less pain, but also have a different relationship to the pain, and now see it as a message from my body that there is something that I may need to be thinking about. Laika is kind and gentle, and I certainly recommend her kinesiology!

7. Testimonial by Colleen

I went to see Laika because I constantly worried, I felt drained and tired and I was often emotional, crying and upset.

After the first session, I felt very sleepy, tired and emotionally drained. The next few days I was having memories from my childhood which hurt me to think about. I was thirsty all the time and only felt like water (very unusual for me!). I was dreaming a lot at night – disturbing and busy dreams and…. I was in 2 minds about having additional Kinesiology. Would Kinesiology really be able to help me overcome these hurtful memories? But I made my next appointment – I decided: “let’s see how it goes”.

Now after four Kinesiology sessions I have definitely seen a great improvement in my life.

8. Testimonial by Patrick

I was diagnosed with glandular fever 3 years ago and have since then been on a roller coaster ride of hope and despair searching for a practitioner who could help me to restore some degree of consistency to my well being.

When I began my sessions of Kinesiology with Laika I was consumed with rage, despondency and frustration in both my professional and personal life. What I have enjoyed most about Kinesiology is that all levels of functioning are effectively examined giving a more holistic perspective of one’s physical, mental and emotional position. I have taken a positive step forward in tackling my chronic condition and feel empowered in reclaiming my health.

9. Testimonial by Charlotte

I have been suffering severe headaches caused by my neck after driving for longer than an hour, painting, gardening or being under stress.

I have been getting treatment from Physiotherapists for most of my life that have helped for a short time, but not permanently. I have stopped all activities that seemed to trigger headaches, even painting, drawing, etc that has been my hobby.

I then decided to try something different. I had a program for 10 sessions – Kinesiology and Japanese massages in five weeks. During my healing course I also started taking supplements and was doing exercises to strengthen my spine. After each session I felt relaxed, lighter and more flexible in my whole body. After my 4th treatment the tension in my neck became less and Laika said that I could start painting again.

Since then although I have been painting again 2-3 times per week, I have not have any headaches.

10. Testimonial by Bronwen

The first kinesiology session I had with Laika was an awesome experience for me. I immediately felt Laika’s compassion as I was struggling with insomnia, anxiety and depression. We touched on two very deep emotional wounds. One was from my childhood and by returning to this episode of my life, and living through it, the hurt was amazingly released. The second incident involved the death of my father. This session opened the door.

In the next session a feeling of intolerance in me was picked up, coming from a present circumstance at my work. For the first time in my life I felt I could be totally honest about how I felt without being judged. After dealing with these feelings and the root cause in me, I can now be more objective and the present situation has improved considerably.

There were times in between sessions when I still doubted if healing was possible, as I was dealing with feelings of emptiness and disconnection.

But in the fourth session everything seemed to come together – as a oneness. During all four sessions I felt I was in very trusting hands and was amazed by what the body can reveal with someone who obviously has a passion for healing and is intuitive and sensitive. Laika took all the time that was needed and treated everything with sacredness. I thank the Divine presence for allowing me to go through this experience.


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