Short Courses 

*  K-Power® 

1-day workshop once a month

K-Power® is an international program which include several short kinesiology self-care workshops, now also offered online in many countries. K-Power® training will support you to experience greater health and wellness.

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*  Qigong 

3-hour workshop once a month

Qigong is an ancient Chinese method for self-healing and self-development.

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3-hour workshop once every few months

PaidaLajin is an ancient Chinese practice used for many centuries for self-healing, better strength and higher  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibration.

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*  Kinesiology in Self-care

Kinesiology in Self-care - BKP101

In the program

       You will learn:

Everyone can enrol!

Course fee: R2500 payable on enrollment

Venue: 5 Condon Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg

Teacher: Lazarina van Oostveen, a faculty member of ICPKP


Students who attend this course and complete their assessments and online test, may order an International Certificate in Self-Care, issued by ICPKP New Zealand. The cost of this certificate is R250.

Further study

Students  who attend this course will be offered an opportunity to continue their study with more advanced PKP modules.



Two options are offered (the syllabus for both is the same).

Morning course or Weekend course

Contact Laika for the next scheduled workshop

4-weekend course

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When enquiring for any of the short courses -

Please specify the name of the course

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