Japanese Saionji Massage

Japanese Saionji Massage

The originator of Saionji Massage is Dr Saionji Masayuki, former head of The International Institute of Medical Prevention in Tokyo.

 The Theory of Saionji states that over 95% of people have had an incorrectly positioned pelvis since their birth.

Most people have one or two centimetres of displacement in their hipbones without being aware about it, leading to back pain, joint pain and scoliosis.

 The Natural Saionji Therapy can bring displaced hipbones back to normal. This is obtained by removing tension and stiffness in the muscles and their connective tissues so that they are softened to allow the joints to expend the fullest extent.

Saionji massage is a very effective therapy for alleviation of back pain, joint or muscular pain, migraine, obesity, difference in length of lower extremities or asymmetries of the skeletal and muscular system.

Balancing a future mother's pelvis is very important as an improper position of a mother's pelvis may provoke the same abnormality of her child. 

Saionji therapy has been used for many years in Europe in the assessment and treatment of children who have developed curves in their spines. In this age of computer gaming, Saionji therapy is remarkably effective in the preservation of good posture and health. A child undergoing preventable correction will avoid one-arched curvature (scoliosis).