Lomi Chi abdominal massage 

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Good health depends on a digestive system which works well, Researches show that good digestion has an emotional component. Many disorders of the internal organs are exacerbated by stress.

The digestive tract is affected when emotions are not processed, and in turn the spleen and liver become stressed. Since we process emotions the same way we process food, poor emotional digestion leads to ill health.

By exploring the abdomen, a person allows herself to connect with whatever emotions are present there and this can lead to powerful heealing experience.

The Chinese five-elements are superimposed as a circle around the navel and this can give insight about imbalances in the body.

A lomi chi practitioner can tell a lot about where there are excesses or deficiencies of energy by observing  the shape of the navel. A round and centered navel is the ideal. When it is pulled from the round shape to the left, right, downwords or upwords then an imbalance of energy can be found.

By examining the navel the practitioner can see in what direction a person's unique patterns of tension go and where there are disharmonies in the flow of chi.