Kinesiology Retreat

Kinesiology Healing Retreat

A unique combination of ancient and modern healing arts to reawaken natural vibrant health and inner peace

During this unique retreat the participants will experience the power of holistic healing and will be able to take this knowledge home to continue applying it for themselves and their family and friends.

The retreat aims at enhancing natural ability for self-healing and personal growth, letting go of accumulated negative stress, trauma and learned limiting beliefs and reawakening intuition, passion for life, creativity and inner peace!

The program includes:

·         Introduction to a kinesiology muscle testing – an amazing bio-feedback for evaluation and healing

·         Powerful healing tools for stress release, physical and emotional detox, self-awareness and vibrant energy boosting from ancient Chinese, Tibetan and Hawaiian philosophy and medicine.  

·         Through movement, meditation and gentle nourishment of mind and body we will create great awareness of how to achieve and sustain vibrant heath and a peaceful mind

About kinesiology and the principles of holistic health and healing:

The word kinesiology means “science of movement”. As everything is energy and vibration, the uninterrupted movement of our life-energy (chi) is of primary importance for vibrant health and wellness. When our life-energy is blocked and stagnant, we experience uneasiness or/and pain. Our bodies give us many signs which we often ignore or take a pill to suppress them – some examples are tiredness, insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, pimples, recurrent infections, frustration, anger, lack of joy, and others. Often your doctor will label these as “symptoms” and will diagnose a “dis-ease”.

What about learning and experiencing some easy practical tools to keep your energy moving?

This retreat can change your life forever!

About your facilitator:

Lazarina van Oostveen (Laika) is a skilful professional kinesiologist and teacher with more than 20 years of experience in holistic healing who has guided hundreds of clients and students in their journey to better health and wellness. Through years Lazarina studied and applied numerous ancient philosophies and modern healing arts. She is a principal of The Johannesburg Kinesiology College of Holistic Healing – an affiliate collage of the ICPKP – one of the most prestigious internationally recognised colleges of professional kinesiology practice, with headquarters in New Zealand. JKCHH offers various self-healing courses, workshops and retreats as well as professional certification kinesiology programs.