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Hawaiian Kahuna Massage

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage is powerful healing bodywork. This is one of the best massages you will ever experience!

Kahuna massage incorporates long, flowing strokes using the forearms, elbows, wrists and hands in a continuous, fluid, rhythmic motion that can energize and ground you at the same time. Beautiful rhythmic music and special oils are used to help you relax, rejuvenate and heal.

Kahuna Bodywork is a cleansing, powerful massage that may assist in balancing you on many levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Come and experience magic! Invest in your self first and you are more capable of taking care of others.

Japanese Saionji Massage

The originator of Saionji Massage is Dr Saionji Masayuki, former head of The International Institute of Medical Prevention in Tokyo.


The Theory of Saionji states that over 95% of people have had an incorrectly positioned pelvis since their birth.

Most people have one or two centimetres of displacement in their hipbones without being aware about it, leading to back pain, joint pain and scoliosis.


The Natural Saionji Therapy can bring displaced hipbones back to normal. This is obtained by removing tension and stiffness in the muscles and their connective tissues so that they are softened to allow the joints to expend the fullest extent.


Saionji massage is a very effective therapy for alleviation of back pain, joint or muscular pain, migraine, obesity, difference in length of lower extremities or asymmetries of the skeletal and muscular system.

Balancing a future mother's pelvis is very important as an improper position of a mother's pelvis may provoke the same abnormality of her child. 

Saionji has been used for many years in Europe in the assessment and treatment of children who have developed curves in their spines. These range from mild to severe. In this age of computer gaming and TV-watching for children, Saionji is remarkably effective in the preservation of good posture and health. A child undergoing preventable correction will avoid one-arched curvature (scoliosis).

Lomi-chi Abdominal massage

This unique therapeutic massage will detoxify, restore and rejuvenate the internal organs, by balancing repressed emotions and releasing stored tension and stress.

Some emotional charges may have not been well "digested" or have been stored for better times when we have more experience and wisdom to process them. The body wisely finds places to hide these charges, which often results in pain, nervous tension or other health symptoms. The symptoms we experience are often signals from our body that it is high time to restore the balance.

During a Lomi-chi session the client has an opportunity to connect with repressed emotions which leads to powerful healing. The result is more fresh energy, more joy and zest for life.

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Benefits of our holistic massages

Relaxes muscles

Releases tension in tendons, joints and deep tissues

Drains lymphatic system and removes lactic acid

Helps to recover and improve posture

Unblock emotions

Balances magnetic fields

Helps to embrace and harmonize the body in all levels.

Sparks imagination and makes you feel in control, happy, light, bright, sensual, sexy and alive

Benefits of Back & Neck Massage

Enhanced feeling of relaxation and contentment.

Relief from pain from stress and tension (headaches or back pain)

Release of endorphins, the body’s feel good hormones. Feel happier!

Improved blood and lymph circulation.

Increased energy and vitality.

Injury faster recovery.

A general sense of health, well-being and joy

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