Massage Programs

Why Saionji Massage is so special and unique?

Saionji Massage is especially created to improve your posture.

Bad posture can affect the health of inner organs, blood and lymph flow and energy circulation. This can manifest as pain, tiredness, depression or insomnia.

Saionji therapy is healing and vitalising in many levels.

Great for stress and pain relief.

Improves energy, vitality and zest for life.

You can use it for healing (intensive treatment every second day or once a week).

Or you can use it for prevention (once a month) to keep stress away and keep your body vital and healthy

Japanese Saionji Massage Program

A program of 10 one hour Japanese Saionji Massages

This includes Back and Neck massage with oil in the end of every session

Special price - R2000 when paid in advance for 10 massage.

Save R1300

The progarm needs to be used within 12 months.

We recomend a Saionji massage every second day for 10 sessions for back, neck or shoulder pain, chronic headache or posture problem.

To book, call or email Laika or Lily:

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