Mexican Massage

Mexican Massage

A modern holistic therapeutic massage derived from ancient Mexican popular traditions and tailored for future people.

It is well recognized in London and promoted at The Hale Clinic (K’ao Ix Ki) and Holmes Place.

This therapeutic massage is a powerful combination of movement, rhythm and pressure where the intuition of the practitioner (curandero-sobador) will create a bridge between the giver, the receiver and the universe.

By imitating animals in movement, personality, grace, skills and natural events or actions from daily life such as washing, dancing, drumming and stroking, this massage will help to prevent and recover from physical, emotional and spiritual illness.

Every illness is caused mainly from what we eat, what we believe, lack of love, poor activity and locked or stagnate emotional energy.

The Mexican massage will help the body to go into a healing process to reach the state of balance and wellbeing.

This is a powerful full body progressive oil massage. It works on the meridian lines which helps to redirect and balance energy stored in the body.


Relaxes muscles

Releases tension in tendons, joints and deep tissues

Drains lymphatic system and removes lactic acid

Helps to recover and improve posture

Unblock emotions

Balances magnetic fields

Helps to embrace and harmonize the body in all levels.

Sparks imagination and makes you feel in control, happy, light, bright, sensual, sexy and alive