Theta Healing

What is Theta Healing®?

o       Theta Healing® is a holistic healing modality where the practitioner enters Theta brain wave frequency (through a meditation-like process) to facilitate healing. 

o       The practitioner is trained to scan the body of the client intuitively looking for energy imbalances in their system. Kinesiology muscle testing may be used to confirm the findings before the healing takes place as well as to confirm and anchor the change after. 

o       During the session, the practitioner aims to identify, discuss and shift subconscious limiting beliefs, negative or blocked emotions and other energy blockages that may stand in the way of healing, creativity, and prosperity of the client.

o       Usually during a session a specific topic, issue or goal is addressed which is important for the client at that moment.

o       Every session is a unique opportunity for the client to gain more awareness and inner peace.

o       The result is deep transformation which can be felt instantaneously, or it can take some time when a deeper issue is presented. 

Theta Healing® aims to take you to the core of your problem – your thoughts, attitudes and limiting beliefs, and when transforming these, the body and the world around follow.

Want to experience the benefits of Theta Healing® right away?

 Benefits from a Theta Healing®

1.      Your subconscious limiting beliefs and vows are identified and transformed during the session so you can heal.  The limiting beliefs are changed in four different levels (core, genetic, historical and soul levels).

2.      Release negative feelings like resentment, regret and fear which may be stored in your body's cells

3.      Alleviate stress and anxiety, reduce pain. Facilitate deep physical relaxation, mental clarity and peace.

4.      Unlock your potential. Become more confident, abundant, healthy, loving, assertive or whatever you desire. Connect with whom you really are and what's best for you here and now. Create / manifest your life the way you have dreamed about.

5.    Activate your vitality potential. Feel younger, vital, productive and excited about life.

6.      Observe positive  transformation in all areas of your life – physical health, relationships, work and creativity, finances and manifestation, spiritual connection, peace and abundant energy. 

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